Creating a guest user for Datazen

If you ever want to have public access to your dashboards you can get this by creating a guest user and giving that user access to the dashboards you want to be publicly available. This is great if you want to place dashboards on a web page without haveing the users to log in to see them.

You can create a guest user by creating a new user on the server with this info:
Username: guest
Name: Guest

Now, remember that this user should only have access to dashboards that is intended for everyone to see. If you give it access to everything, business critical information can be available to anyone.

One thought on “Creating a guest user for Datazen

  1. Hello Martin,

    I’ve followed this steps for the process of integrating the dashboards in SharePoint and avoid the dashboards being redirected to the login page (leaving the authentication tasks to SharePoint).

    So, 1- I’ve created the Server User guest; 2- Add this user to the Users and 3- finally give access to the dashboards for this user guest in the Permissions tab.

    According to documentation, the guest user is used in the public reports.
    So, when i get the dashboard url’s in “theserver”/viewer/public where I believe the public dashboards reside, I get someting like “theserver”/viewer/dashboard?dashboardguid=….&v=….&style=white.

    The problem is that after some time, the v value changes and so, the request is redirected to the datazen login page.

    Isn’t the guest user for this sort of situations?

    Thanks a lot in advance,
    Marta Oliveira

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